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Racingline Linear Spring Upgrade for Coilovers
Part Number: VWR370000
Volkswagen Racing springs are delicately selected per each vehicle chassis’ design and weight. Volkswagen Racing springs are power-coated blue with Volkswagen Racing Logos etched in and come standard as progressive springs. Progressive springs offer a comfortable daily driving experience on the street and offer excellent control over the bumps and sudden elevation changes seen on streets around the world. For the track minded enthusiast, a full linear front and rear spring is available. Linear springs offer superior control on the track over progressive springs but do so at the cost of comfort on the street. These springs are designed to directly swap onto your StreetSport or StreetSport Plus suspension and are an excellent upgrade for anyone who frequents the track. Many Volkswagen Racing customers simply swap to the linear springs for a track day even and then back to the progressive springs when on the street.


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