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Porsche 928 GTS

This classic porsche came in with tired and well worn paintwork, and it left like a new car.

Ten.5 – Full Works

Nothing was left unturned on this car, the full works, and it shows on the after pictures.

  • Alloys removed, deep cleansed inside and out, calipers machine polished and all sealed with Gtechniq C5
  • Wheel arches cleaned thoroughly and sealed with Gtechniq
  • Extensive wash process including shuts, tar deposits and iron fallout removed. Remaining surface contaminants removed by clay bar
  • Delicate areas taped up before four stage machine polishing correction.
  • Re-wash to remove dust from paint correction
  • Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any residues
  • Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light and ExoV4 applied to paintwork
  • Exterior trim dressed with Gtechniq C4 trim restorer
  • Glass cleaned and Gtechniq rain repellant applied
  • Interior deep cleanse of upholstery, floor mats and carpets, prior to being coated with Gtechniq I1 Smart Fabric
  • Leather seats cleansed with water based cleaners and protected with Gtechniq L1 Leather guard
  • Final inspection and wipe down.

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