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VW Golf Mk7.5 R

A lovely high spec VW Golf R, end of the line and in need of some TLC and protection. Treated to our Ten.2 package and ceramic coatings throughout. A great way to protect your investment for many years. If you want to get the paint protection everyone is talking about, get in touch today!

Ten.2 Detail Package – Minor Paintwork Correction and Ceramic Coatings

A lovely golf, and one that is now protected for the future and ceramic coatings throughout for ease of cleaning!
This one was treated to the following:
-Ten.2 detail package (minor paintwork correction)
-Mayvinci C16 paintwork ceramic coating
-Mayvinci Glass View ceramic coating
-Gtechniq C5 alloy wheel ceramic coating
-Gtechniq C4 exterior trim ceramic coating

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