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VW Golf GTI Performance Pack

A lovely Mk7.5 Golf GTI was completed this week. A new purchase for a regular client, it was delivered direct from the dealer’s forecourt. Our brief was to clean and protect the underside of the car and to carry out any work required to perfect its paintwork condition. Finished off with quality ceramic coating protection applied throughout. Check out the before and afters below…

Ten.2 Detail Package – Paintwork Correction Detail and Ceramic Coatings

The Golf GTI really turned out well, it really benefited from the underside wash and seal, a bolt-on that is becoming more popular when people see how quickly modern cars deteriorate in our climate.
We carried out:
-Ten.2 detail package (2 stage machine polish)
-Mayvinci C16 paintwork ceramic coating
-Mayvinci Glass View ceramic coating
-Gtechniq C4 plastic trim ceramic coating
-Interior valet
-Engine bay cleanse
-Underside wash and seal including brake disc bells painted

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