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Renault Clio V6

We have previously overhauled this owner’s blue clio V6, he is fortunate enough to have acquired another in liquid yellow, with an astonishing 800 miles on the clock! Needless to say it didn’t require a great deal of machine work, but it did need the Studio Ten touch as the pictures reveal!

Ten.2 – Paintwork enhancement and Bolt-on Ceramic coatings package

This unicorn came from a client who is a through and through Renault enthusiast. He recently acquired this 800-mile example in stunning liquid yellow, believed to be one of the lowest mileage examples in the world.

To the untrained eye it needed very little work, to Studio Ten there was some work required to return this example to its pristine low-mileage condition. We recommended it was finished with Mayvinci MK4 ceramic coating, giving a durable protection for years to come.

  • Alloy wheels removed and wheel arch areas cleaned, decontaminated & arch liners dressed and protected
  • Extensive wash process including door shuts, tar deposits and iron fallout removed.
  • Rear bumper removed and exhaust tarnishing removed.
  • Minor paintwork correction
  • Mayvinci MK4 Ceramic Coating
  • Engine bay detail
  • Interior detail
  • Luggage compartment detail

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