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BMW Z4 M40i

Z4’s wouldn’t usually be our cup of tea, but this stunning example in Misano Blue took our fancy from the moment it arrived in the yard. We treated it to our Ten.2 package along with the optional bolt-ons, including Mayvinci C16 3-year paintwork ceramic coating and Gtechniq i1 protection applied to the fabric roof.

Ten.2 – Paintwork enhancement and Bolt-on coatings package

This amazing colour really shone once we had a chance to bring it back to perfect condition. We recommended it was finished with Mayvinci C16 ceramic coating, which gives durable protection for up to 3 years.

  • Ten.2 detail package
  • Mayvinci C16 paintwork ceramic coating (3 year coating)
  • Mayvinci Glass View coating
  • Gtechniq C5 wheel coating (wheels off)
  • Gtechniq C4 trim coating
  • Gtechniq i1 Fabric roof coated
  • Interior deep clean, with Gtechniq L1 applied to the leather surfaces.

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