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This lovely VW Golf GTI came to us in need of some light work and protection over the winter months for it’s new owner.

Ten.1 – Deep Cleanse and Protection

This client had recently purchased this lovely white GTI Golf and was keen for us to give it a new lease of life and protect it during the winter. We recomended our Ten.1 winter package after hearing what they were looking to achieve and considering the original condition of the car.

  • Alloy wheels and wheel arch areas cleaned, decontaminated & arch liners dressed and protected
  • Extensive wash process including door shuts, tar deposits and iron fallout removed, remaining surface contaminants removed by clay bar.
  • Vehicle rinsed and then dried by compressed air
  • Paintwork polished, hand glazed and 2 layers of synthetic paint sealant applied
  • Door shuts sealed with synthetic paint sealant
  • Alloy wheel faces sealed with anti-corrosion sealant to protect against road salts and brake dust
  • Trim & tyres dressed and protected. Chrome work including tailpipes sealed. Exterior glass polished
  • Interior vacuumed and dusted

Further detail

  • Ceramic glass coating applied
  • Ceramic trim coating applied

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